11 Aug 2015

After a successful partnership in 2014, Cruise Whitsundays is continuing its support for Eco Barge's Whitsunday Marine Debris Removal Program and the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre in 2015.

Eco Barge Clean Seas is excited to announce that their partnership with Cruise Whitsundays has continued into 2015, with these organisations both committed to the preservation of the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands for the local community, as well as the many tourists that visit the region each year.

Cruise Whitsundays Chief Executive Officer Nick Hortle said the agreement was an important part of Cruise Whitsundays' active investment program into the Whitsundays environment and community.

"The work of Eco Barge Clean Seas is making a difference to the cleanliness of our Marine Park and beaches, and now extends to caring for stranded marine turtles," Mr Hortle said. "Cruise Whitsundays is the largest marine tourism operator in the region and we are committed to protecting the pristine environment in which we work and which we take so many Whitsundays visitors out to enjoy, so it made sense to partner with Eco Barge Clean Seas and support the work they are doing," he said.

"Following the successes of our partnership in 2014, culminating in the huge four day clean up of the southern Whitsunday Islands, we are excited about continuing the partnership through 2015,"

"This is a significant financial sponsorship for Cruise Whitsundays and we see it as one very important part of our overall community support program, totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in cash and in-kind donations to community groups."

The increased level of support that Eco Barge has received over the last few years really is demonstrated by their achievements, with 2014 being no exception. 40 marine debris removal trips and the four-day expedition to the southern Whitsunday Islands were undertaken, removing a total of 12,607 kilograms of debris and the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre rescued and cared for 24 marine turtles, with an amazing eight successful rehabilitations and releases.

Libby Edge, Founding Chair of Eco Barge said "I am thrilled with the continuation of the partnership. We loved working with Cruise Whitsundays last year, and such support really is invaluable to the operation of both the Whitsunday Marine Debris Removal Program and the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre".

To find out more about Eco Barge Clean Seas, the Whitsunday Marine Debris Removal Program or the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre please go to their website www.ecobargecleanseas.org.au