30 Nov 2018

Don’t want to ruin your hair or never took those swimming lessons? Fear not, there are plenty of ways you can get up close and personal with Hardy Reef while staying bone-dry!

Of all the places for a sleepover, 40 nautical miles from shore and above Hardy Reef has got to be one of the more memorable. Reefsleep gives you the opportunity to fall asleep listening to the lap of the ocean under a starry sky. Before bedtime, however, sit down to a quality meal and watch the sunset from the comfort of your own double swag.  

Reefsleep 2.jpg

All aboard the semi-sub
The semi-sub gets you underwater without getting you wet! Safely ensconced in the semi-sub, watch the underwater world open up before your eyes. You’ll see all the colours of the reef and meet its friendly residents while learning from the informative commentary. 

Cruise Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef  (15).jpg

Underwater viewing chamber
The reef at night is a sight to behold. Follow the stairs down to the underwater viewing chamber and come face to face with Maggie the Maori Wrasse or perhaps George the Groper. The reef comes alive at night and the underwater viewing chamber gives you a window into the evening’s exclusive party.

Cruise Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef  (18).jpg

Really want to keep your distance from the water? Get some perspective with a bird’s eye view of the reef from within a helicopter. For the ultimate in romantic gestures, book a helicopter flight over Heart Reef – that’s right, a heart-shaped part of the reef, and take in the sensational colours of the Coral Sea.

Great Barrier Reef Adventure 5.jpg