20 Jun 2018

Brodie the green sea turtle was released back into the wild this week after an incredible rescue and recovery mission by Cruise Whitsundays and marine conservation organisation Eco Barge Clean Seas.

Cruise Whitsundays crews spotted Brodie close to shore two years ago (May 29, 2016), with a shark circling him.

He had suffered a boat strike injury and was also missing his front right flipper after being caught in discarded fishing line. He was taken immediately to the Whitsundays Turtle Rescue Centre for specialist care.

Brodie was transferred to Cairns where he underwent surgery and two years of rehabilitation. His last stages of recovery were spent at the Cairns Aquarium where he made friends with a shark and a stingray.

Brodie was released at Whitehaven Beach on Tuesday (12 June 2018), fitted with a new tracking device so Eco Barge can continue to follow his movements in the wild.

Cruise Whitsundays said the team was proud to be part of Brodie's rescue and that they do come across injured marine animals from time to time.

They said it was great to be able to follow the journey of a rescued animal through to seeing it nursed back to good health and ultimately released back to the wild, where it belongs.

Cruise Whitsundays Turtle.jpg