Medical Disclosure Form

DISCLAIMER: Reefworld is a floating pontoon approximately 50 kilometres off the coast. During your overnight stay at Reefworld when the daily vessel is not berthed at Reefworld the only form of rescue is the CQ Helicopter. Cruise Whitsundays has a RFDS first aid kit and our standard proceedure is to call 000 and follow medical advice. Our Reefworld staff and your Reefworld Host are accredited in Senior First Aid, CPR, Oxygen and Defibrillator Training, however they will obtain medical advice as appropriate where circumstances allow, usually via the phone. In an emergency situation, if required and authorised, a rescue helicopter will be requested, however response time is undetermined and attendance by a helicopter is only possible during daylight hours and in favourible weather conditions. Cruise Whitsundays also may choose to not allow guests to partake in Reefsleep if a medical condition is too much of a risk. No cancellation fees will be charged if a booking needs to be cancelled.