Stay with Cruise Whitsundays

Stay overnight on our pontoon and embark on a unique adventure to exploring the stunning coral cays during the day and waking up on the incredible heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

Our overnight accommodation options offer an unmatched experience, with incredible scenery on the reef, excellent facilities as well as exceptional service. Enjoy our Reefsleep experience where you sleeping under the stars in a super comfortable reefbed. Or perhaps stay in one of our luxury Reefsuites that includes a king bed, private ensuite as well as air conditioning.

Both accommodation options offer access to a range of amazing activities, including snorkelling, guided tours, glass-bottom boat tours, and, of course, the opportunity to witness the spectacular night sky. Guests will also enjoy delicious meals and refreshments throughout the day and night. Our unique overnight experiences will leave you creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Reefsuites

Reefsuites give a whole new meaning to ‘a room with a view’ and you’ll awake to see the marine life going about another day on the world-heritage listed reef they call home. Each room features premium bedding, glass-walled en suite and floor-to-ceiling views of the spectacular underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and an exclusive morning on the reef before heading home in the afternoon with memories that will stay with you forever.

Our Reefsleep

Embark on an adventure with our Reefsleep experience, where dreams of sleeping under the stars come true. Spend the day exploring vibrant coral reefs, snorkeling alongside marine life. Then as the sun sets, prepare for an enchanting evening on the pontoon indulging in a gourmet dinner as the night sky reveals countless stars. Retreat and settle into your private outdoor reefbed, and let the soothing sounds of the ocean lull you to sleep. Wake up to a spectacular sunrise, indulge in a leisurely morning before returning to the mainland.


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